Prodej RD 6+kk, Babice

Prodej RD 6+kk, Babice

I relocated from Czech Republic to the States at a very short notice. I spent an year with one of the big reality firms to try and sell my house in the outskirts of Prague but without success. My co-worker in Prague recommended Quantum reality to me and within few weeks of contracting them, they got me few serious clients and I was able to sell the house, at the price I wanted, within a month. Special thanks to Daniel Hanzal for his hard work, professionalism and most importantly for being honest and open. I loved working with Daniel and Quantum Reality. Amazing experience.

Preetinder D.

Ing. Daniel Hanzal

zkušenosti v realitách od roku 2003

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+420 606 294 909 nebo +420 273 134 681

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Quantum reality, spol. s r.o.
Štefánikova 248/32, Praha 5,
150 00, Smíchov / (1. patro)
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